Welcome message from the Founding Chairman of the Board  

With history of over a decade, the Asia Pacific Tourism Association(APTA) now stands at a time to fulfill its mission more actively to advance and foster tourism education, research, and professionalism in the Asia Pacific region. our achievements are impressive given the short period of time we have navigated. APTA's achievements are all attibuted to considerable efforts the national representatives of APTA made in the region and support of APTA members have shown.

As the founding chairman of the APTA, I would like to share the APTA mission with all APTA members in order to prepare for another decade. APTA is the association to help everybody build strong partnership with other tourism associations and cooperations. APTA is realdy to share its experience and knowledge with other tourism organizations. APTA members are all aware of the expectation from international tourism community to play more crucial roles to further develop tourism in the region.

APTA aims to publish a world's top class academic journal. APTA has made a contract with the Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. The Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research has been successfully published its 11th volune last year under the editorship of Dr. Kaye Chon. APTA will do our best to encourage to publish quality research papers in the journal and make the journal world top ranged journal soon.

APTA will be actively participating in international cooperative activities through research and practice. I believe APTA has already extablished fondations for international projects with over 17 member countries and regions. APTA should promote more of people-to-people exchanges, industry relations and substantial ties between countries and industries in the region.

I hope that you would a part of APTA historty to be a leading tourism association in the region.


January, 2007

Hai-Sik Sohn, Ph.D.
Founding Chairman Emeritus
Asia Pacific Tourism Association

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